Since 1977, The William Newby Agency has provided its clients with high quality, innovative products and services.

William Newby Agency
William (Bill) Newby started in the insurance industry in 1977, working as a student agent for Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company while also finishing his college education. Upon graduation, he liked his job so much, he asked if he could continue working on a full-time basis. In 1980, Bill went to work for an agency called Financial Planning, Inc. in Elm Grove, WI, where he worked until 1987. In 1992, Bill was offered the opportunity to purchase his prior employer and it was an offer he could not refuse. The combining of his clients with those of Finacial Planning's resulted in the formation of The William Newby Agency in 1995. As of today, Bill is still the President and Owner of the agency.
Today, The William Newby agency offers its clients the highest quality products and services available. Everyone at The William Newby Agency is consistently learning about the latest products to ensure that clients receive the best personal care possible. 
Buying insurance is much more complex than buying a television. Unlike running out in search of the newest 4K model seen in the latest commercials, or the best deal advertised in Sunday's newspaper, one can't simply use a one-size-fits-all spproach when searching for the right insurance company.
Bill and his staff are trained to know which companies and policies are better at one type of coverage than the other, and can help you mix and match your family coverage with your business coverage. The William Newby Agency is eager to help find which policy best fits each individual's needs by breaking down what each policy does and does not cover, what kind of deductible you need to cary, and how much coverage you should buy for your unique situation. 
Since Bill takes the time to get to know each of his clients personally, you will never be treated like another policy number again. Call Bill today to learn how a more personalized approach to buying insurance can help you save both valuable time and money. 
The William Newby Agency hopes to get to know you better and we encourage you to read our bios to learn more about us!
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