Disability Insurance

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Accidents happen.

Not having coverage after you have become sick or hurt at work does not have to be one of those accidents. The William Newby Agency offers numerous types of disability insurance protection plans to ensure that you and your loved ones can continue maintaining the lifestyles you have grown accustomed to, even if the unexpected happens.

Disability insurance plans we offer:

  • Personal Income
  • Business Overhead Expense
  • Buy-sell
  • Key-man
  • Group Short-Term Disability
  • Group Long-Term Disability

Disability insurance carriers and product types we offer:

  • Principal Life Insurance: Business Overhead Expense Disability (Income)
  • Berkshire Insurance Co. of America: Disability, Business Overhead Expense
  • Guardian: Disability, Business Overhead Expense
  • Union Central: Disability Income, Disability Overhead Expense
  • Standard Insurance Co.: Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability

Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash