Liberty Mutual Insurance Payments

Liberty Mutual provides its clients with various ways to pay their premium bills with ease and confidence. 

To pay your premium online:

  • If you decide to pay your premiums by mail, refer to your Liberty Mutual invoice for the mailing address for your specific policy. 
  • To pay your policy by phone or if you have questions about your bill, call 1-866-290-2920 and select the option for insureds. Liberty Mutual can accept credit cards, debit cards and electronic withdrawals from your checking account.
  • Liberty Mutual also provides an automatic withdrawal option if this is more convenient for you. Go to their website and from there, you can establish a profile with a user identification and password, then submit to register for the process. You will have the option to retain payment information for automatic withdrawal or to initiate payment each time premium is due.

Once you are enrolled in this program, you will have the convenience of managing your future billing payment activities as well as having ready access to all your current policies and endorsements. The process will also ensure that your premiums are paid on a timely basis through an automatic withdrawal process that you establish. The best thing about this payment solution is that you will not have to worry whether your payment was received.